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Children's Center Preschool Los Altos, California


We recommend this class for children who turn 4 by September of the school year your child is being registered. The intent of this class is to further support the development of social awareness, emotional intelligence, and Kindergarten readiness skills. Critical thinking, science, sequencing, sorting, classification, matching, number values, phonemic awareness, problem solving, storytelling and following multi-step directions are all incorporated in our curriculum. Children develop their gross and fine motor skills while working in large and small groups. Through play and collaborative group work, children come to appreciate the value of cooperation and contribution. The children are encouraged to take risks, helping them to discover how the process of learning is often more valuable than the outcome. The mastering of appropriate academic and social skills are the cornerstones of this program.

girl sitting on the floor building with magnatiles toys

2024–25 Classes

3 day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Annual Cost: $8,723

5 day: Monday–Friday


Annual Cost: $14,827

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