Children's Center Preschool Los Altos, California

frequently asked questions

What precautions are you taking due to Covid-19?

Please view the Covid-19 Reopening page for detailed information about protocols and procedures in place to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our 2020-21 program offerings can be viewed here.

How and when do I register for your program?

Please view the enrollment page for specific registration dates, information and forms.

How will I know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

All of our Pre-K children are fully screened by their teachers in the late fall/winter. We then set up a conference with you to discuss where we think your child should be placed the following fall. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions.

How religious is your curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the Christian belief that all people are children of God and that the diversity of races, cultures, and perspectives is a gift which enriches us all. Our children experience God's love and justice through their interaction with loving, nurturing adults who practice peaceful solutions to conflict and differences of opinion; teaching children to do the same.

If my plans change after registration will I receive a refund?

All money paid at registration is non-refundable/non-transferable. Tuition payments are fully refundable with two week's notice of child's withdrawal. Tuition will be charged for days attended, including the two week notice period. For withdrawals after March 31, the tuition is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Do you offer any extracurricular programs?

We offer a variety of enrichment classes. Please click here for more information.

How qualified is your staff?

All of our teachers and many of our assistants are credentialed teachers. We are very proud of our talented and dedicated staff and feel that they are one of the most important reasons the Children's Center is so special. Over half of the staff members have been with us 10 or more years. Several staff have been with us since we opened in 1998!

How is tuition calculated?

Tuition fees are set by the year. Please view the tuition page for specific amounts and payment dates.

Are you NAEYC accredited?

No, we have chosen not to do that thus far.

Does my child need to be potty trained to be enrolled?

No, we do not require that children be potty-trained. If your child is "training" or has occasional accidents we ask that you bring a change of clothes (clearly labeled) to school.

How do you deal with discipline problems?

We are dedicated to the premise that one does not need to feel worse in order to behave better. Behavior improves as discouragement lessens. Teachers use "I" messages: "I can't let you...," and "I can see that you are very angry." No discipline that shames or belittles a child will be employed.

Do I need to provide a snack for my child?

No. The Children's Center provides fresh fruit, various crackers, goldfish or pretzels, and purified water during each class time. If your child has allergies please speak with the Director.

Who provides lunch?

The Children's Center provides a snack during each class time. If your child wishes to stay for lunch (or come in early in the case of our afternoon students), then they bring their lunch from home — clearly labeled with their name and classroom. We are a peanut free school. Click here for more information about lunch.

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