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Children's Center Preschool Los Altos, California
Parent speaker event
Dentist visits preschool and shows how to brush teeth

about the frc

The Family Resource Center was created to reinforce the Children's Center Preschool mission of supporting parents and caregivers. We offer a family resource library, a speaker series tailored to the concerns and needs of our parents, guest performers for families to enjoy together, and a variety of parenting groups. These are free of charge and open to the community.

Speaker Series, Special Events and Performances

We proudly offer speaking presentations where professionals share their knowledge on a variety of topics, such as discipline, sibling rivalry, friendships, raising girls, raising boys, and building resiliency. All of our speaking events are free.

We also provide enriching assemblies for the children, including visits from valuable community members — firefighters, police department, dentists, children’s book authors, and cultural dancers. Learn about upcoming events

Coffee Talks

These smaller, informal gatherings offer you an opportunity to meet and connect with other parents while listening to speakers discuss a variety of parenting concerns. Past topics include: "Mindfulness: Taking the Stress Out of Parenting", "Behavior 101: Avoiding the power struggle and understanding your preschooler's behavior," "Separation Anxiety," and "Helping Your Preschooler Build Self-Esteem and Autonomy." The events take place in the morning on school days. Coffee and refreshments are served, and childcare is provided in the church nursery. See what's coming up!

Community Outreach

We believe that participating in community outreach projects is a perfect way to begin instilling a lifelong awareness in your child about the importance of helping others in need. We encourage our families to have their children be a part of the process. Children can help pick out food, books or gently used lovies to donate to those in need. Recent and upcoming outreach opportunities


For more information please contact our Family Resource Center Director, Bryn Stuebner at or (650) 941-5411 x119.

firefighter police officer and paramedic visit the school

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