photo of Mary Desai

Mary Desai (Mrs. Desai)

Date of hire: August 2007

My favorite children's book/story:

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton. I love the illustrations and it is in fact very funny!!! Kids love Splat!!

Fun facts about me:

I'm crazy about Football!! I'm a newbie to American football and I love it!

Why did you decide to work with preschoolers?

I decided to work with preschoolers after my son graduated from the Children's Center. I had so much fun in class with him and being with the little ones, I stayed! I work with preschoolers, but they teach me something every day!

What do you love the most about teaching/working with little ones?

Working with little ones makes me smile every day! They are funny, energetic, wonderful little people. It really is not a job, it is play. I come to work to play and have fun.

From your perspective, what makes the Children's Center so special?

Where do I start? Children's Center is my home away from home. Not just for the children, their parents, but for us as staff, too. It is a place you walk into and feel the happy energy ... it is our happy place. A place of joy and security for all.