photo of Genie Ramon

Genie Ramon (Miss Genie)

Date of hire: January 2023

My favorite children's book/story:

I have always been fascinated by cute little monkeys. When I was a child, I spent hours reading Curious George and immersing my imagination in the colorful illustrations.

Fun facts about me:

I am a native Californian with strong Texas roots. Viva El Paso!

I am a firm believer in Sasquatch, and I hope to meet him one day.

I am Native American. I am a direct descendant of the Apache Renegade Geronimo.

My son Zion is a teacher in West Oakland.

What do you love the most about teaching/working with little ones?

I have been working with children in one way or another since I was 19 years old. Children are a gift and a wonder. It's an incredible experience to share an "a-ha" moment with a child. To watch their eyes light up when they truly understand a concept for the first time is amazing. Working in a child-centered teaching environment, like the Children's Center, is a dream come true.

From your perspective, what makes the Children's Center so special?

In two words, high standards! Children's Center sets a high bar in everything it does. From having adequate teaching supplies to child safety. There is a community of parents, teachers and staff working together to enrich the lives of our children.