photo of Ellen Douglas

Ellen Douglas (Mrs. Douglas)

Date of hire: September 2003

My favorite children's book/story:

The Little Engine that Could ... I think I can!

Fun facts about me:

Every Saturday I "road bike" with my girlfriends for 35 or 40 miles. Every year I get together with my college girlfriends for a weekend. (We decided to have these little get-aways when our children were small. Now, 18 plus years have gone by.)

Why did you decide to work with preschoolers?

A good friend of mine was working here and told me about it. Here I am, 10 plus years later!

What do you love the most about teaching/working with little ones?

I love the innocence and love of these children. Their minds are like "sponges." They remember everything (good and bad!).

From your perspective, what makes the Children's Center so special?

The teachers, staff, parents and children make this place such a happy and fun school. How can you not want to work here?